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EL84 smooth sounding 5 watts in triode mode


+Extremely powerfull power supply

+Environmental Ether solid core point to point wiring (15$/foot hook up wire)

+Massive inside choke

+Massive power supply of 55uf main cap followed with 380uf cap and two 100uf preamp caps

+Adjustable 10 Watts transformer output impedance

+Super paint and sand blasted 100% electrical enclosure steel casing

+5Y3 tube rectifyer with film main capacitor

+HIFI film coupling capacitors

+Auto bias for all stages

+Grid bias auto adjusted for all preamp sections

+3 stereo input channels

+Mono volume controls (L and R)

+Low feedback, low impedance, low intermodulation distortion

+Can drive any type of speakers

Adjustable Loading of output transformers for your PERFECT sound

Calibrated fused circuit with main earth

Compare this POINT TO POINT silver solder amplifier at 1581$ CAN to the entry level of competitors at 2400$ CAN made with PCB!

Don't fool yourself, I charge only a low fee for my work hours building the actual amplifier.

I sell the amplifiers without profit to bring satisfaction to the real audiophiles who desire the best amplifiers, adjusted, calibrated, with selected distortion free parts and the best electronic design tested for high performance.

Nearly all the amplifiers on the market are mass produced without regard to actual amplifier performance when the buyer install it in his system. The tubes are not tested, the circuits are not calibrated and only mass produced with cheap PCB contacts which are far from optimal.

My amplifier compare to the best made in Japan, same quality of sound or better.

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