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Tube HIFI home stereo

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La ForÍt - a once a lifetime buy


Compares to the best Japanese amplifier of over  10 to 15 thousands US dollars!

Provides 40 watts at max volume from a 2 V signal.

The most direct power supply available: Perfect balance, high quality sound.

This is a very special version all done point to point.

This amplifier is for whom requires higher power and wants amazing sound contrasts from his music library. This tube amplifier will stay straight under high music demand. The super robust power supply will deliver the required voltages to produce a very high quality 20 Watt.

  1. More power with EL34 pentode push-pull output.
  2. Stereo volume control of industrial quality 0.5 db maximum deviation.
  3. Powerful 6SN7gtb drivers
  4. Big chokes 100mA  x 2 at 470 Volts.

THD 1khz 1 watt = 0.16% to 0.2 % maximum

8 Watts THD 2.5% maximum

16 Watts THD  4% maximum

25 Watts THD 4.4% to 4.7% limit for a flat bass response

40 Watts THD 5.2% maximum

Tube bias is 45 mA per output tube, 180 mA total.

Gain is 40 watts volume turned to maximum with maximum CD player level input,

S/N ratio is minimum 74 db to 84 db, A-weighted minimum 86 db to 106 db.

Intermodulation distortion at 2 watts for very close signals 1990 Hz and 2090 Hz

Imediate reflection is 0.46% THD + 2nd harmonics 0.19% + 3rd harmonics 0.42%

Shipping is free anywhere in Canada.

It is a trully high fidelity amplifier. Recommended loudspeaker sensitivity is 86 db minimum for 2-3 meters listening position.

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