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Tube HIFI home stereo

LeGrand Amplifiers
Super Quality Sound

Built for excelling performances and durability
  You will listen to your music with the most pleasure

Buy with confidence our North American made, cost efficient, durable, powerful, and truth sounding amplifiers in the shop section.
    I build custom made KT120 or KT88 amplifiers (tubes are interchangeable) mono blocks with remote controls

    Did I mention that the tubes included with each amplifier is selected for low distortion with a 50% selection basis? The search for the clear and clean sounding tube is over.

    PSET EL34, this amp have low output impedance and no feedback!

    KT77 with transistor regulated all film power supply for the most precise sound

    All the amps are able to drive modern or old speakers regardless of sensitivity, please send your questions to my email contact, thank you.

    Gabriel Grant